Posted on: 18 October, 2010

Author: Kelsey Libby

A discussion pertaining to the severity of your black mold problem, as well as a quick outline for removing this pesky problem. Black mold can pose a serious threat to a number of people and as such should be prevented or removed. The process can be a bit involved in some circumstances and might even require contacting a professional mold removal firm to help you in the process. This is usually only necessary for those who have allergies to the mold, or if the mold is in areas where the normal person doesn't have access, such as ductwork. How Bad is the Problem? The first step of the process is identifying how severe and widespread the problem is. Is the mold visible in small patches or has it spread over an entire wall? The first scenario is easily dealt with standard removal procedures; the latter will require a lot more work and precautions. If the mold has spread over a large area, it might be advisable to completely remove the material the mold is growing on and replace it with new material after having made sure the rest of the area is mold free. This process can be expensive, so each person must take into consideration for themselves how extensive the spread of the mold is and what the costs associated with removal might be. For a drywall wall, the expense of replacement would most likely be minimal. However, if the wall is cement, replacing it could be extremely expensive. What are the Proper Cleaners? There are a number of different cleaners that will aid in the black mold removal process. Most of these cleaners can be purchased locally at home supply stores or janitorial supply stores. There are also online outlets that offer sales on specialty cleaners, such as this. Be aware that some of the cleaners contain very harsh chemicals and may require special handling in the delivery process adding to the overall cost of the cleaner. It is possible to use a mixture of water and chlorine bleach to clean the mold from affected areas. The downside of this is that it requires a bit more 'elbow grease' to remove the mold permanently than some of the commercial cleaners. Some outlets will offer organic or natural cleaners to utilize in the mold removal process. These cleaners can be preferable due to the fact that natural and organic cleaners do not tend to have noxious vapors that require special care when used. Each person will have to determine for themselves the best strategy to employ for their particular situation. A Common Sense Approach The process of black mold removal is fairly straight forward. If you are removing the mold by using cleaners, simply follow the instructions on the product. Do not mix products since there is no way to know what chemical reactions could be caused if you were to do so. If you are removing the material that the mold is growing on, then you should have some heavy plastic to cover the areas that are not affected by the mold in order to keep it from spreading during the removal process. A bit of common sense is all that is needed to remove black mold from your home. Article Tags: Black Mold, Mold Removal, Removal Process Source: Free Articles from